Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pictures from an exhibtion

As I promised here are some images from the "Remix" show with Janek Simon.

List of works:

Janek Simon
, Untitled (2008), remix Vlad Nancă, 2008,
cocktail glasses, detergents, methylated spirit, soft drinks

Vlad Nancă, Elena Ceauşescu grave (2008), remix Janek Simon, 2008,

Janek Simon, Triumph of the polish car industry (2005), remix Vlad Nancă, Dacia (2008),
composition of images from “Turbo” chewing gum

Vlad Nancă, Armours for DIY Revolution (2004), remix Janek Simon, 2008,
protective clothing, structural polycarbonate, mannequin, sticky tape, spray

Vlad Nancă, Untitled (2003), remix Janek Simon, 2008,
telephone, post it notes

Janek Simon, Me..You (2002), remix Vlad Nancă, 2008,
Polish-Romanian dictionary, hardcover bookbinding

Janek Simon, Suicide-painter (2004), remix Vlad Nancă, 2008,
acrylic paints on the wall sprayed with water guns

More images from the show and photos from the opening here.

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