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Drumul exhibition in Sibiu

The Contemporary Art Gallery of the Brukenthal Museum presents

Vlad Nancă – The Road

August, 30 – September, 25 2011

In his art, Vlad Nancă fundamentally rejects status quo and part of the comfortable social rules. Many might consider Vlad Nancă’s artistic strategies skilful and cynical. But Vlad Nancă just uses the context of the time in which he lives in. The artist criticises the context in the same way he approaches a sculptural mass – deriving from empathy, possibility and volume. It is interesting how he overtakes referential images from the history of arts, eliminating the tautological interpretation and leaving behind just the pure and elegant form; and the expectances and the hopes of the beholder head towards this certain form.    
At a personal level, Vlad Nancă might seem seduced by social glamour; the talent, the musicality of aesthetics and the adrenalin of materiality place him in a post-shooting treatment, a state of uncertainty in which the artist sees the world as he thinks the world should be.
Vlad Nancă follows two major possibilities of the art work: the exploration of the human body in transforming the objects while interconnecting the topic – body – wood – design, and the authentication of architecture through playing with space – absence – memory.
The temptation towards materials mainly used in the preparation and the study of future works rather than in producing the final objects contributes to shaping an anarchic-poetical vision towards a life that can be lived. Essentially speaking, an elaborate attempt to reach a specific fineness captures unfamiliar, public spaces and brings them into the intimacy of the domestic space. The fossilised every-day life objects punctuate important moments from the artist’s biography, and allow you to state, as reader of the image, that Vlad Nancă was here. And this statement represents the authenticity certificate of the poetic. A minimalist sensitivity and an acute modernity certify Vlad Nancă’s position on the Romanian contemporary art scene.

Liviana Dan

Friday, January 14, 2011