Monday, March 23, 2009

Photos from My Space

"The exhibition My Space, held at Universul Palace, represents the artist's intention to construct an autonomous zone, a time capsule which travels back in time, explores, returns and seems to be wrapping up for the future. By using convergent and divergent thinking, Vlad Nancă collects questions, objects and practices from here, our common space, in order to find a place for them in the time capsule."

2009, porcelain animal figurines placed in order of height

2009, Byzantine icon, tears mechanism

2009, B&W television, blanket

If you give it to me I’ll give it to you
2007-2009, plastic and ceramic Frisbees

Untitled (Sheppard’s coat hung on a nail)
2009, sheep fur, nail

2009, fire wood, gold leaf

1300 Dacia 1300
2007, photography

2007, flags, flag poles

2009, artist book

Untitled (Can you score?)
2009, rubber football, stones, wall painting