Monday, May 21, 2007


This is my work for the Skateboard art exhibition - Ne placa ce faci - which opened last week at Galeria Noua. Pictures from the exhibition by Oana, here.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

New Europe in Rome

New Europe is the name of this piece I did for Editing Project organized throughout 2005-2007 in Gorizia and finished in Rome last month... Gorizia (Italy) and Nova Gorica (Slovenia) are two towns which at the end of the Second World War were only one town and got in a Berlin-like situation when the border between the two countries was drawn through the city.
Now things are radically changing as the crossing points at the border are being closed down and people are free to chose where they want to live, work study or just have dinner.

As an answer to this situation I have created a blackboard arrow which allows people to write anything they want on it. This can be wiped off and replaced by different words putting the person writing in a powerful position, with the rights of deciding over directions. The blackboard arrow underlines the relativity of geography and ideas in relation to time and history

I have taken the arrow in different spots in the two towns and photographed it with various words written on it. These photographs were then exhibited in Rome next to the arrow which functioned as a basic interactive installation giving the people the chance to write anything they wanted on it.

Photos of the exhibition by Chiara Scategni

Happy Sunday at MNAC

It is exactly a week ago that I did the performance at MNAC - two hours lying down under a car. The strangest thing was this TV crew that interviewed me during the performance. I didnt really know whether I should talk to them or not... in the end I answer to their questions not before telling them this story... The whole thing reminded me of a news on ProTV (a few years ago) when someone was stuck with his legs under a lorry in a terrible accident. The TV crew was interviewing this person asking them what he was doing there. We more more or less in the same position only no one was hurt this time.

Photos by Carmen Iovitu

Good news is good news

I'm artist of the month in Le Monde Diplomatique, Romanian edition.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Dream of Bucharest catalogue

A little catalogue of my exhibition Dream of Bucharest just came out, with great support from Akademie Solitude and designed by Lucian Marin.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Preparing for a...

... "Happy Sunday" at MNAC

installation and performance on Sunday 6 May at 16.00

[photo by Carmen Iovitu]

From Galeria Noua home gallery to home

So all is finished now in the gallery home and we are already at our proper home... We really enjoyed our time in the gallery and it has been a really interesting experience. We've had ups and downs but mostly its been a good time for us. Still we're happy to be back home.