Monday, September 24, 2012


rearranged 1960's wall lights

Making of re:modern

This is the documentation of the realization of my most recent work, "re:modern" made on the occasion of contemporary locus 3. contemporary locus is a series of exhibitions that try to build connections between contemporary art and urban fabric, opening secret, forgotten or abandoned places in the city of Bergamo. The lights used for my installation were taken off the walls of the restaurant of the former hotel Commercio in the center of Bergamo.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TR7Z 7.0

 Artists at work at Lacul Sf Ana

Forget me not at Cotul Donului

Day 7, going home: Izvorul Muresului - Lacul Sf Ana -  Bukresh

TR7Z 6.0

 Sage vs Mos Gheorghe


 Piatra Neamt mosaic

 Piatra Neamt...

 ... cable car

 Dacii liberi @ Popasul Haiducilor

 Living dangerously...

 Cheile Bicazului
Wish you were here

Day 6: Suceava - Humor - Voronet (photo) - Agapia (photo) - Piatra Neamt (photos) - Gheorgheni (photo above) - Izvorul Muresului

Saturday, September 08, 2012

TR7Z 5.0

Vatra Dornei
Sucevita monastery

Sucevita monastery

Sucevita monastery car park

Suceava in the hands of Bogdan

Sorin Popescu / Maria Draghici


Dragomirna monastery

Suceava public art

Alexandru Niculescu and Adrian Bojenoiu of Club Electroputere in front of Casa de cultura a Sindicatelor Suceava

Day 5: Vatra Dornei - Sucevita (photos)- Moldovita - Radauti (photo) - Dragomirna - Suceava (photos)

TR7Z 4.0

Maramures rug

Bed covers

Nona wearing Maramures tassel vest

Floor design in Sighetul Marmatiei

Dumitru Gorzo's home in Ieud

Nona and I on Gorzo's porch

Dumitru Gorzo's home in Ieud

Day 4: Baia Mare - Negresti Oas - Sapanta (photos) - Sighetul Marmatiei - Barsana - Ieud (photos) - Vatra Dornei

TR7Z 3.0

50's apartment block in Satu Mare

Pharmacy sign in Satu Mare

Aurora hotel and restaurant cloak room (Satu Mare)

Satu Mare high school mosaic

Cinema Victoria (again Satu Mare)

Ash tray (Satu Mare philharmonic)

Ne grabim

Kadar Karoly' studio...

Colonia Picturilor in Baia Mare

Colonia Picturilor in Baia Mare

Mare Hotel in Baia Mare

Just so you know...

Baia mare market

Public space (near a former water fountain near the former Restaurant Bucuresti) in Baia Mare

Baia Mare brutalism

Day 4: Oradea - Satu Mare (photos) Baia Mare (photos)