Thursday, October 06, 2005

Vienna days

Well, this is my 'home' for a couple of months... pretty cool place I could say, but also hard to keep clean. I'm in Vienna doing a residence at the MQ which I'm really happy about. I hope it all goes well :)

Here is a blog which Stefan Tiron (who is also in residence at MQ) and I are keeping.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Errorism photos 1

Here are some pictures from today. The show went on great with a few errors which don't really matter as it was all about errorism. The target on the petrol station was a bit deranged by the wind so I'm posting a picture of how it looked yesterday when we installed it. All the other pieces came together fine and I'm really happy about it all. Hopefully in a few days we'll have a proper text to go with these pictures but anyway...
You could see the petrol station from the window of the gallery.
The grill is a cross between a traditional Romanian grill and a candle holder shade (thingie) as you find in orthodox churces. Far back, behind the grill you can spot Casa Poporului next to which a huge cathedral will be built.
The balloons were dangerous and so was the candyfloss. It was a beautiful sunday.

Errorism photos 2

Errorism photos 3