Saturday, April 21, 2007

2nd week in the gallery

After two weeks in the gallery we are now having a break. (Un)fortunately, two projects overlapsed and we are all now in Rome for a different exhibition of mine. We will be happy to return to our gallery / home soon. Two whole weeks in the gallery have been a really great experience and I could definitely do it again... But first we need to come back and finnish our stay.
We started to get some post and I am happy about that. We will also post something to ourselves from Rome.

17 April, 09.31 Documenting the exhibition and posing as the artist with his new works.

14 April, 16.22 Cosima, Maria, Titi, Ota, Victor, Vlad, Anton, Mircea and Kate taking the picture.

14 April, 16.17 Having a quick chat with Ion Grigorescu whilst the children are running around
13 April, 21.17 Good News, some works are going up...

13 April, 17.23 Playing marbles with Toma

13 April, 17.23 Playing skittles with Robert

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